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Nobel Laurate Mother Teresa Charitable Trust (MTCT) is a Social Welfare Organization
striving for the upliftment of the poor, down trodden, and under privileged in the society
irrespective of caste, creed or religion in the footsteps of the great Mother Teresa!
MTCT is accredited by UNO's Economic Social Council and World Health Organization
as a Special Status NGO.

Govt of India CSR Reg.No.
TN.Govt.CSR No. NAI-07049
For CSR execution Contact :




Mother Teresa Charitable Trust (MTCT)'s history starts with the story of compassion. The mammoth crowd that followed the adieu procession of the legend Mother Teresa, Dr.G.K.Dhas, a kind hearted social activist took up mother-teresa the challenge of being and working for the poor. From this simple, yet heart breaking incident, brought the determination that, to take the mantle of Mother Teresa, that "Service to Mankind is Service to God". The inspiration which helped to create "Mother Teresa Charitable Trust" is being carried out all these years. We took the initiative with the vision that "No one shall be deprived of the basic needs". The overwhelming response from the general public is the impetus for the growth of Mother Teresa Charitable Trust. Now Mother Teresa Charitable Trust functions as a social relief NGO striving for the upliftment of poor, sick, downtrodden and the under privileged. The vision of the Mother Teresa Charitable Trust is to spread the ideals of Mother Teresa and motivate the younger generation to render service to the less fortunate. Its sub unit "Mother Teresa Forum" enrolls members and forms committees at national state, district, taluk and village levels. Mother Teresa Charitable Trust serves with the motto of "Service to Humanity". With the partnership of Government & various State governments, as well as the generosity of thousands of our supporters, we have grown from a small endeavor to a mammoth force that stretches across the wide chemesphere . All these years MTCT serve the under privileged and the needy to transform a vision into a reality. Our fight will continue till the last breath of a suffering mass.

"Voicing for the Voiceless"


       MTCT wish to bring to your kind notice that the recent " MICHAUNG CYCLONE " caused heavy downfalls and with in 2 days 47 cm rain fall recorded, causing immense damage to the life’s and properties of the people in Chennai city and suburban district of Kancheepuram, Tiruvallur , Chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu, India.
The flood has left many families homeless and without any means to support themselves. The situation is dire and the victims are in urgent need of assistance. In this difficult time, we are reaching out to you for help and support . . . Click more...

Service to Society

    Mother Teresa Charitable Trust and its sub units Mother Teresa Forum and Mother Teresa Auto Drivers Welfare Association is an accredited NGO by UNO's Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and World Health Organization (WHO) rendering social services in the entire states of India up to village level.The volunteers of Mother Teresa Form enrolls members and form committees in the National, State, District, Zonal (taluks) and village level. The entire team renders social activities for the upliftment of the suffering masses irrespective of caste, creed, religion or region. Service minded persons and volunteers are solicited to join our team to render service in the footsteps of the great St. Mother Teresa.

Service to Mankind is Service to God

-Mother Teresa



    With the mission to provide skill training to the urban poor MTCT has resumed tailoring course for eligible beneficiaries from Jan.1, 2021. The on-going skill development course on tailoring is designed to provide new skills to the unskilled urban poor and/or to upgrade their existing skills. The programme will help the urban poor to set up self-employment ventures or go for salaried jobs.
   This programme intends to fill the gap between the demand and availability of local skills by providing skill training programmes as required by the market. The training has resumed at all our centers after being suspended for many months due to COVID-19 pandemic.
The present batch comprises of 15 students from within the local area who belong to the economically weaker sections.... more

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Donation for Medical and Educational Help

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Donation for Medical and Educational Help ( International )

Mother Teresa Charitable Trust - A SHORT PROFILE


Mother Teresa who devoted her life for the service of the poor, downtrodden, under privileged and destitute is an epitome of self-assured simplicity. She rendered whole hearted service to the needy in the society. She spread love and compassion throughout the world and brought relief and hope to the children, the destitute, the sick and the dying. She left a testament of unshakable faith, invincible hope and extraordinary charity as a mother of the poor. She became a living symbol of compassion to the world, and a living witness to the thirsting love. Mother Teresa's work has been recognized and acclaimed throughout the world. The scope of her work also expands to include orphanages, shelters to the elderly and hospices for the poor.

Moved by the emotional outburst worldwide on the last rite procession of Mother Teresa on 5th September 1997, Shri.G.K.Dhas the patron founded the organization Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa Charitable Trust (MTCT). Ever since its formation, the trust has been carrying out the activities of serving the poor and the downtrodden in the society, the torch of service left by the Angel of Mercy... More


Women Empowerment

Women in India consistently lag behind...More


Rehabilitation of people with disabilities is a...More

Education Help

Education is the basic need of the society...More

Natural Calamities

Natural disasters such as earthquakes...More

Housing the Poor

Safe, affordable housing is a basic necessity...More

Poor Feeding

One in eight women, men and children...More

Current Projects

MTCT under the banner Mother Teresa Forum(MTF)runs free computer and tailoring institutes in various backward districts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.We provide vocational training courses to the under privileged and unemployed youth.

Free Tailoring Centers

India's youth faces serious problems and underemployment. The...More

Free Computer Centers

Mother Teresa Charitable Trust runs evening tuition centers in few districts...More

Free Tuition Centers

Mother Teresa Charitable Trust runs evening computer centers in few districts...More

Free Ambulance Services

Free Ambulance Service is being operated in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu...More

Medical Assistance

kind hearted persons who wish to help fully or partly for their ailment can...More

Educational Assistance

philanthropists / donors who wish to assist kindly sponsor them for their studies....More

Daily Quotes

" World has more than 4300 religions. Why we fight for my God, your God, their God and our God.
God is omnipotent, omnipresent, alpha and omega. Let us spread the ideals of love with one another.
Let us do charity and make the world one ". - Dr.G.K.Dhas


Peace cannot be kept by force: it can only be achieved by understanding.

- Albert Einstein

Wonderful people are carefully created by god,wonderful moments are carefully planned by god and wonderful persons are carefully gifted by god.

- Jeyakrishnan

Believing everybody is dangerous. Believing nobody is more dangerous.

- Abraham Lincoln

Behind all improvements in the world, there have been someone’s dreams.

- Justice K. Venkatasamy

Never choose a friend without understanding and never lose a friend because of misunderstanding.

– Anon

Peaceful surroundings cannot create happiness in you. But your happiness can create peaceful surroundings for those around you.

- Jeyakrishnan

OUR CSR Partners and Supporting Companies

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News & Events

    • Free Ambulance Service is being used as Mobile Cancer Screening Unit in tie up with CSI Medical Mission Hospital Neyyoor, Kanyakumari District.
    • Free Tailoring Units @ New Delhi, Padalam in Kanchipuram District, Jolarpet in Vellore District, Uthangarai in Krishnagiri District, Madurai, Kollemcode in Kanyakumari District. For admissions Contact: 044 23743883.
    • Free Tuition Centers @ New Delhi, Madurai & Uthangarai in Krishnagiri District. Economically poor school going students can make use of the facility. Contact Head Office @ 044 23743883.
    • If you are a BLOOD DONOR, Join as member in "MTCT Blood Donors Guild". For blood requirements kindly Logon to , For details contact :
      044 23743883.
    • Support our free Ambulance Service, free tailoring centers, free tuition centers and free computer training centers functioning at several places in India, so that the poor will be benefited.
    • Join Mother Teresa Forum (MTF) and form committees in your area, to serve the downtrodden and under privileged in the society.
    • COVID – 19 relief activities are being undertaken by MTCT - kindly support us to rehabilitate the corona crisis victims.

Contact Info

  • Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa Charitable Trust,
    "Mother's Castle" No:40 , Thiruvengadapuram Main Road,
    Choolaimedu, Chennai - 600094,
  • PHONE : +91 44 23743883,                 +91 44 23742699
  • Whatsapp : +91 8939300227
  • Whatsapp : +91 7710203020
  • MAIL :,