Health and Hygiene

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Basic sanitation and good hygiene are fundamental for a healthy, productive and dignified life. Yet, many of the world ' s poor rural people lack access to improved sanitation facilities. Poor access to water, sanitation and hygiene results in tremendous problems mostly for women and girls. Health is very essential for a self reliant and progressive community. MTCT believes in preventive care. In addition, to creating awareness on vital health issues, we also provide curative services through various clinics. In a developing country like India where health infrastructure need reforms, the government is unable to reach all the underprivileged community. MTCT steps in to deliver health at their doors through its Health Units.

Issues like reproductive health, immunization, AIDS awareness, Corona awareness related to preventive care are focus areas of our health interventions. We solicit your valuable support to continue ensuring the health of the underprivileged. MTCT along with likeminded organizations (both public & private) makes innovative approaches to the provision of clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene thereby promote health. Mother Teresa Forum volunteers conduct health detection programme camps, like eye camps, general checkup, blood donation, cleanliness caps, etc in various parts from village to state capitals at regular intervals. It require lot of help and support. Further our free ambulance service also need assistance for our self efficiency. We solicit you to join in this venture and support the cause.