Mother Teresa an Angel

In dark of night, before sunrise,
God breathed life into her soul,
And the Angel of Mercy began her work
To love and to console.

From Ireland to India
Her work remained the same:
Love and care for all the weak
To glorify His name.

She was the angel of Calcutta,
Her name as known by some,
And Missionaries of Charity
Her work would soon became.

It wasn’t about the feeling,
But more about her will
In service to the destitute,
His work she would fulfill.

Mother Teresa

Whether poor or sick or dying
Or a child of city slum,
Her fire of love burned constantly,
Her faith would not succumb.

In blue –bordered sari and sandals,
Compassion and mercy undone,
The bride of jesus worked endlessly,
With care and love like Mary’s son

Our Mother Teresa is gone now,
And her lifeless body dead.
She showed us faith and dedication,
With sainthood just ahead.

God’s loving example prepared us,
Our future holds no dread,
For in doing His will as He has asked
Our Heaven is just ahead